The transport demonstrator will focus on Cloud Enabled Mobility (CEM). This concept seeks to connect users with information and other cloud-based services (e.g., booking and billing systems) in such a way as to reduce travel frustrations and congestion, and also allow users to make spontaneous public transport decisions.

Motion Map

MotionMap App

One aspect of CEM that will be particularly examined will be the development of a city-wide transport information service. This service, called MotionMap, will be delivered as an app that continuously describes the real-time movements of people and vehicles across the city. It will include embedded timetables, car parking, bus and cycleway information and estimates of congestion and crowd density in different parts of the city.

The video below is an introduction to our approach in developing MotionMap.

Developing MotionMap

Developing MotionMap

A demonstration system of MotionMap will be used to explore how this type of user-focused information might influence travel behaviour and transform the provision of all types of transport services in Milton Keynes. It will not only be an information system in its own right, allowing people to provide personalised travel information, but will act as a platform on which community groups and businesses can build new, cloud enabled, transport services.

Sensors for People

Sensors For People

The detailed specifications for MotionMap have been completed and a specialist consultant appointed to develop and demonstrate the app. Sensor network development, testing and demonstration are now underway. These include using small cameras and visual analytics to provide data on car park occupancy, congestion and how crowded are the local buses. User trials, in the form of games using MotionMap, began in autumn 2015 and will continue through 2016, in co-ordination with citizen engagement stream of MK:Smart.

The Future

Driverless Cars

We hope to launch MotionMap in early 2017 and are also conducting work to provide a business model which will enable MotionMap to transition into a healthy, growing product which has ‘life’ after the HEFCE funds come to an end.

We will take the Milton Keynes’ predictive traffic models to explore how MotionMap can help cut anticipated future congestion. If possible, we will also explore the potential for how Motion Map can help enable novel forms of public transport (e.g. driverless pods and bus-on-demand).

Leader: Prof. John Miles
University of Cambridge

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