Empowering Citizen Researchers – Citizen Data Workshops

An important part of MK:Smart’s work is concerned with the management of personal data in a privacy-aware way and embedding privacy and security at the core of our data management infrastructure. Aligned with this work, a sub-set of the MK:Smart partners including The Open University and Milton Keynes Council are participating in a three-month feasibility study on Personal Information.

The Project aims to ensure that the voice of MK citizens is heard. Your Personal Information includes age, gender, ethnicity, address, location, financial, opinion and health information, among other datasets.
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If you care about how your Personal Information is used and want to be involved in the thinking that will help shape the public and private services that citizens engage with online, there is a number of workshops that aim to explore some live cases and propose solutions you can register for.
A new market is emerging for Personal Information Management Services (PIMS) – services that help individuals gather, manage and use information (including personal information) to make better decisions and manage their lives better. This market is forecast to become larger than the UK automotive industry. To be part of the activity that will shape this market, and help the OU be at the forefront of this thinking, please register for one of the three workshops below:


22nd September 2014

3.30 to 5.30pm   Register here

23rd September 2014

12.00 to 2.00 pm  Register Here

24th September 2014

6.00 – 8.00 pm Register Here