Managing Personal Data

What possibilities would exist, in a world in which consumers really had control over their own personal data? Would people be prepared to share their data with organisations to get new or more efficient services? On what terms would they share and what might the first services be?

WordleWork exploring these questions is being carried out in association with two of our partners, The Open University and Milton Keynes Council, to evaluate consumers’ attitudes towards the use of their personal data.  Other organisations involved in the research include the Digital Catapult, consultancy Ctrl-Shift and non-profit trade organisation, The Open Identity Exchange (OIX). They have just completed a project to understand how a new type of “personal data lab” might be constructed. The lab would work with volunteers and service providing organisations to design and test services underpinned by user volunteered personal data.

MK:Smart is committed to responsible use of data, and the work being carried out may prove useful for SMEs taking part in the Enterprise area of the project. These small businesses will be gaining business value from data sourced throughout Milton Keynes which is curated in the MK Data Hub.

For more information  – Digital Catapult’s blog