MK’s technology trials showcased in Government White Paper

Homegrown innovations take centre stage in a report from the Government Office for Science.

Courtesy of wikipedia

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

A report from the Government Chief Scientific Adviser describes Milton Keynes as the epicentre for innovation in the fields of transport and the Internet of Things (IoT).

MK:Smart is at the heart of the wider Milton Keynes Future City Programme, whose innovation projects were cited in this report. These include driverless cars and the use of sensors which indicate, for example, parking availability and when bins need collecting.

The paper considers what the government can do to help achieve the economic potential of the IoT, how IoT applications can improve the business of government (maintaining infrastructure and providing public services) and how citizens can be kept safe. It recommends 10 actions for government to maximise the opportunities and reduce the risks of these new technologies.

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