The Sunday Telegraph reports on MK:Smart

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Professor Gerd Kortuem leads the Energy element of MK:Smart

When did washing machines and electric cars become so intelligent? – asks journalist, Joanne Frearson

Gerd Kortuem, leader of the Energy element of MK:Smart, was interviewed for an article which appeared in last week’s Business Technology supplement of the Sunday Telegraph. The subheading was “How MK:Smart is helping improve business efficiency and reduce carbon emissions” and the piece showcased how MK:Smart is allowing residents to take part in a scheme to trial washing machines and electric cars to see if the “smart grid” can improve their efficiencies.

The idea of a smart grid is that it gathers and acts on information from the electricity grid, such as details about the behaviour of suppliers and consumers. Smart grid systems aim to improve the efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity.

The smart washing machines, discussed in the article, will aim to help people maximise their carbon reduction through advising users when it is best to put on a wash, based on information from the smart grid. This information is based on the appliance’s awareness of the availability of locally generated green energy and how busy the electricity grid is in generating energy .

“This is very much enabling behaviour change. We are trying to figure out what the limitations are, and how flexible family life and the domestic energy system is.” – Professor Gerd Kortuem

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