MK:Smart featured as case study at World Bank conference

Our project partner, Fronesys, spoke at this public sector event in Washington DC

Jyoti -cropped (1)Jyoti Banerjee, partner in a team of digital economy consultants, used Milton Keynes as a case study of a city seeking to grow and create jobs, while facing significant economic, environmental and social constraints.  Mr Banerjee highlighted that being a new town, Milton Keynes has the physical space to grow and accommodate the 28,000 new homes expected to be built in the city. However, he mentioned that as a result of population growth travel is expected to rise 60%, but the current infrastructure would only support a 30% increase.

Jyoti called for a new approach to integrating the impacts of cities, which enabled a meaningful assessment of how a city creates value, who creates that value, and for whom that value is created. His analysis was based on the work that the Fronesys team is carrying out as part of  MK:Smart.

The World Bank Public Sector Integrated Reporting conference was an opportunity for public sector organisations from around the world to come together in a unique initiative designed to help them improve transparency and build trust through Integrated Reporting.