A Successful First MK Data Hub Developer Event

MK Data Hub Developer Day Twitter image - croppedOn Friday a range of SMEs joined us to explore the benefits of the MK Data Hub for developers and small businesses.

There was considerable enthusiasm from a range of local SMEs, from a large variety of sectors including education, health, insurance, architecture, IT, app development.

“Today has been a massive eye opener for us, not just in terms of what we can use data for, but understanding how data can be used in any business… It’s been amazing seeing what [the MK Data Hub] can do for us and for everyone else involved.” – Anna Everington, Rag Dolly Annas


Attendees split into two working groups, focusing on either technical development or business opportunities. The sessions allowed them to share their needs and ideas when it came to data. Those involved in the business discussion suggested innovative uses for the MK Data Hub including curating residents’ experiences and preferences, which could be used to help SMEs tailor their services and advertise more effectively.

This was the first of a series of similar events, including more business networking sessions as well as technical webinars focusing on various aspects of the MK Data Hub platform and APIs. Watch this space for more information.