Upcoming local SMEs engage with MK:Smart

Manipulating Data is not only for technology companies and app designers; at the MK Data Hub Developer Event in April we interviewed Anna Everington, Director of local business Ragdolly Annas to find out how they hope to use data to expand their business.

RDA logoWhat’s your business?

Ragdolly Annas provides quality music and rhyme sessions and entertainment at Children’s parties.  Aimed at children from birth up to five years old and their parents/carers, our sessions are offered as a private service to the general public as well as a funded service to Council Children’s Centres and Private Pre-School settings. We have carefully designed all of our sessions to support the key learning and development areas set out by the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework.

How has your business developed?

Since launching in 2011 we have doubled our turnover and although we don’t employ our staff directly, we have created contracted jobs for four other team members.

What’s your interest in Data?

Initially we want to be able to get more up to date population and census data which will help us match business solutions to each area.  We also want to be able to access and understand data which directly links to the services that we provide to better support our claims as to the benefits of our business.  We would also like to understand the possibilities of the usage of social media and digital marketing to help increase our business and general brand awareness.

As well as utilising public data, we would like to be able to create some form of registration app which in addition providing us with customer information data, could potentially provide an output of anonymous data back into the hub.  Allowing us to understand the demographics of our customers and their requirements from and usage of our service.

How can analysing Data be instrumental in your expansion?

We are looking to grow our business in the form of national franchising and the potential information that we could gain from data will allow us to understand which areas to focus on and support a solid business case for potential ‘Franchisees’.  It will also allow us to provide them with ongoing and up to date support to increase their business opportunities once they have secured an area by understanding each areas needs and optimising their potential.