Our Transport research promoted at UK’s largest renewable energy event

Alan Valdez, researcher in the Transport element of MK:Smart, presented a session on Sustainable Transport at The All-Energy UK 2015 Exhibition and Conference.

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Alan Valdez

Alan Valdez, The Open University

The event, held in the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow was attended by 8,250 delegates from over 50 countries. Valdez, Research Associate at The Open University, explained how Milton Keynes already has a proven track record when it comes to innovation in smart transport, particularly through the deployment of EV charging infrastructure in Milton Keynes.  The city is an open to innovation and is an experimental space where a variety of sustainable transport projects have thrived, for example the electric bus route 7 and the e-car club.

Alan’s key statement was that these apparently unrelated transport projects relied on different networks of private and public sector actors, and that their diversity contributed towards the development of networks, visions and momentum that remained in the city. We now see a new generation of innovative developments in Milton Keynes (MK:Smart, the Transport  Systems Catapult and the driverless pod trials) are benefiting from our city’s sustainable transport culture.

To find out more about Open University research on Energy and Smart Cities register for the 15th International Conference on Technology, Policy and Innovation (ICTPI), held in 17-19 June at The Open University. Our Project Director, Enrico Motta will be giving a keynote speech on MK:Smart at the conference on 18 June 2015.