Big Data and Business Analytics Event

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MK:Smart’s Commercial Manager, Rajinder Sharma

As part of  continuing Business Engagement, UCMK hosted an evening workshop on “Big Data and Business Analytics: The future of analytics in UK Logistics”. MK:Smart’s Commercial Manager, Rajinder Sharma reports:

The logistics sector is responsible for more than 10% of GDP. There are increasing volumes of   historical data from this sector (e.g., demand data, route data, TMS, WMS, ERP)  and  real time data (e.g., through sensors including “Internet of Things”, RFID, GPS, QR codes, social networks).  Thus, Big Data has huge potential to improve the logistics function. However, there is insufficient knowledge on how and why some logistics firms are using Big Data while others are not.  A  University of Bedfordshire Business School (UBBS) team headed by Professor Ram Ramanthan has been looking at “Big Data in Logistics” (BDLog) to investigate the impact of data and business analytics on the performance of logistics firms in the UK. We were lucky enough to be joined by him to discuss the challenges of implementing the use of large-scale data.

Next week Fronesys and The Open University are holding a course for start-ups on urban data. This course is fully booked, but for more information about future sessions please contact Commercial Manager, Rajinder Sharma.