Lean Start-ups in Smart Cities

On 26 June, Fronesys and The Open University held a one-day course for start-ups using urban data, as part of MK:Smart.



Gerd Kortuem, The Open University

The training event was delivered by Gerd Kortuem, Professor of Computing at The Open University and Jyoti Banerjee, a partner at Fronesys.  Both are working on the Education element of MK:Smart. The course was fully booked and participants attended from across Milton Keynes.


The day long course stimulated significant discussion from attendees about how different urban data sets can be mashed together, assessed and visualised. Gerd Kortuem compared the importance and value of data in today’s world to the introduction of widespread indoor lighting in the 21st Century.


Jyoti Banerjee highlighted the challenges of Milton Keynes’ sustainability within the context of the global trend of rapid urbanisation, highlighting to the start-up businesses present that the difficulties that cities are facing, as a result, are great opportunities for entrepreneurs.


For more information about future sessions, please contact Commercial Manager, Rajinder Sharma.