Community Action: MK takes Our MK to the local community

Anna Klis-Davies CAMK

Anna Klis-Davies Community Action: MK

Anna Klis-Davies, from the MK:Smart Citizen Engagement team, reports from local community events where we’ve been promoting our new citizen ideas website.


Accessible at, the platform is an interactive website available to MK citizens. Every citizen can set-up their own profile on the website and upload any ideas (or even more detailed projects) they might have for improving the following areas in MK: Transport, Energy, Water, Health and Environment.

Ray's water idea on

Ray’s bright idea about water consumption in MK

In the future, some of these ideas will be developed into projects, which – if successful – will become eligible to apply for funds and turned into tangible initiatives.

Our teMK Community 2am took this exciting new website to various events and activities taking place in Milton Keynes. At the end of June we showcased the project and the platform at the Engage MK networking event at Bradwell Abbey, which focused on the effective use of social media to drive community-based groups and projects.

We then visited the weekly coffee morning at Moorlands Centre in Beanhill, a hugely popular local community activity. We talked to residents there about the new website and updated them on the progress of the MK:Smart project, following our visit earlier this year. As always, in Beanhill, we received lots of useful feedback and suggestions, and two local residents have successfully created their profiles on Our MK, and uploaded their own ideas on the site – one of them on how to improve the water distribution in the city.

Local resident, Raymond Wall talked to us with passion about how, he believes preserving rainwater as part of every household maintenance would benefit the environment and our health, giving us a sense of well being by working with nature.

We loved Ray’s vision and we look forward to seeing more people from Milton Keynes sharing their ideas on Our MK! To find out more about Ray’s, and many other interesting concepts already uploaded on the site, please visit