Huawei join MK:Smart

DOWNLOAD FROM GOOGLE huawei 2This leading global information and communications technology solutions provider have become an Associate Partner of MK:Smart.

Through its co-laboratory at Adastral Park in Suffolk, Huawei will enable members of the MK:Smart consortium, including Milton Keynes Council, BT and The Open University to review, test and analyse datahub architecture, helping to develop innovative solutions that will support economic growth in Milton Keynes.

Huawei capabilities will help ensure that the MK Data Hub delivers the longevity, robustness and ease of use, needed to ensure the success of MK:Smart, as well as delivering a fluid and flexible system, with the capacity and capability to process Big Data, providing holistic data analysis. The IT Co-Laboratory at Adastral Park in Ipswich will also be involved with evaluating the MK:Smart model with BT, with a view to validating this approach to the smart city concept so it can be applied on a larger scale in other cities in the future.

Gordon Luo, CEO of Huawei, said, “Huawei is very pleased to be joining MK:Smart, and we look forward to providing leading big data technologies to the city of Milton Keynes. Innovation and continuous research is key to creating more sustainable cities and this initiative will bring benefits beyond the citizens of Milton Keynes. Together with The Open University, Milton Keynes Council and BT, we hope to make Milton Keynes a more sustainable and more efficient.”