MK Schools are Getting Water Smart

 Posters on display for the Water categorySeveral schools in Milton Keynes have signed up to become part of a trial to investigate different ways to save water in their school.

Anglian Water have provided the schools with new water meters linked to a wall mounted display. This makes it easier for students to monitor detailed water use within the school and to find how much water is used by different activities, such as washing hands or flushing a toilet.

Students will take part in a whole range of activities aimed to help their understanding of how to save water and why this is important, to ensure the sustainability of the water supply within Milton Keynes.

Students in each school will start by undertaking a comprehensive water audit of their school, identifying where water is typically used and by whom. This will include understanding who may be using water when they are not at school and will also include looking around the school grounds. Students will discover how much water their school typically uses in a year and then begin a period of closely monitoring water, which will allow them to identify leaks and bad practices. They will then be tasked with initiating water-saving measures and monitoring their success over a period of time. We will find out later next year how they have got on. Let’s wish them success!