MK:Smart Shows the Way!

Sharma presenting to the Men's Breakfast Club, Cambridge. Rajinder Sharma, MK:Smart’s Commercial Manager, gave a presentation to the Men’s Breakfast Club in Cambridgeshire on Saturday 20th Feb 2016. 

Topics included the type of applications that could be developed for a smarter city, the Learning & Development programme to support business creativity, and how innovation fundamentally changes the way we live.

It’s a great pleasure to know that other parts of the UK are interested in how applications developed by the business community engaging with MK:Smart, can affect not only the way cities function but also how they can positively transform our day to day activities” commented Sharma, who is also responsible for the engagement of businesses within the project.

The Men’s Breakfast Club is a Cambridgeshire based meet-up of a group of businessmen who reside around the Foxton area and who have specific interest in supporting community based initiatives within their locality.