MK:Smart Water Monitor trial is about to start

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Water Monitor is a new tool that provides households with information on their water use as well as hints and tips on how to use less water, to save money and benefit the environment. We want to understand what helps people to save water, to support a sustainable Milton Keynes. The trial will help us to do this.

Households in the Broughton Gate area of Milton Keynes are being given the opportunity to take part in the trial.  The trial will work by collecting weekly water meter readings for each house on the trial.  Registered households will be able to see how much water they use and how this compares to others on the trial and in their neighbourhood.gecko cropped

It will take up a small amount of time, but it won’t cost householders a penny. The trial will give households the opportunity to look at their water use more closely, see what changes they can make that will reduce their water bill (and more often than not also their energy bills), whilst also doing their bit for the environment and their community.

Anglian Water will be contacting their customers in Broughton Gate about the trial soon. If you live in Broughton Gate, look out for your letter!

water monitorIf you can’t wait until then, you can find out more at: and register your interest in participating by contacting the Water Monitor Support Team at

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