Legacy opportunities for Milton Keynes’ Business Technology Sector

MK:Smart’s Commercial Manager, Rajinder Sharma, gave the Biztech (Business Technology Forum for Milton Keynes Board) an update on the project at their strategy meeting held at MK College yesterday.

20160714_175326This included opportunities arising from current business engagement activities, such as inward investment, smart cities seminars, MK Data Hub networking events, the MK:Smart Graduate Tech Start-Up Fair, application developers’ workshops and international collaboration.

“As we move into the final year of the project, it’s important that we tell local businesses about the solid foundations created by MK:Smart. These will help to enhance business development and investment in a new smart city initiatives, right here in Milton Keynes.”

Biztech is a peer-to-peer group of information technology leaders and professionals from the worlds of business, education and the public sector in Milton Keynes and the South East Midlands.

Biztech’s vision is to provide information and practical advice on the application of technology by facilitating shared experience and expertise.

To find out more, visit: www.biztech.org.uk