Water Monitor trial proves popular in Broughton

Broughton Gate Trial

Households in Broughton have been signing up to participate in our trial of Water Monitor – a tool that provides them with information about their water use every week. 


The Water Monitor trial team announced they were ready to recruit households in Broughton Gate, in May 2016. There was overwhelming response and almost 115 households signed up from Broughton Gate and the surrounding area. The trial will run until the end of December 2016.

Every week Anglian Water will read the water meters of these households and upload the data to the MK Data Hub. Water Monitor will use that data, along with extra information that the householders provide, to show how their water usage compares to other homes on the trial and Anglian Water customers as a whole. Tips will be provided along the way to help lower water usage and each householder will be able to see how much these tips have helped them.

Water Monitor


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