New iteration of MK Data Hub to be developed for Manchester

MK-datahub-logo-lowres - news picA data hub similar to that used in Milton Keynes as part of the MK:Smart project is to provide one of the central infrastructure features of the Manchester CityVerve Initiative.

MK Data Hub, jointly developed by The Open University and BT as part of the MK:Smart project, brings together data from a range of sensors around Milton Keynes.

It’s enabling developers to use the data in a number of smart applications, and government and research bodies to compile reports on the management of resources in one of the UK’s fastest growing cities.

Now, as part of CityVerve, a two-year smart cities project in Manchester, the capabilities of Milton Keynes’ data hub will be expanded by BT to provide a data platform for the management of travel and transport in Manchester.

John Davies, chief researcher for future business at BT, said: “One of BT’s roles in the project is to provide a data platform for the travel and transport theme.

“The platform will be based on the same technology as the MK:Smart data hub, but the project gives us the chance to further enhance our capability.”

Deployment of the Manchester data hub is scheduled for October, and it will be developed over the duration of the project with the first prototypes expected to become available in summer 2017.

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