Have your say on transport in Milton Keynes with the UK Autodrive Survey!

Take this 15 minute survey to share your views on current and future transportation if you live in or around Milton Keynes.


An ambitious three-year project involving MK:Smart partners University of Cambridge, Milton Keynes Council, The Open University and Transport Systems Catapult, UK Autodrive is trialling the use of connected and self-driving vehicles on the streets of Milton Keynes and Coventry.


As part of a UK-wide study, citizens of Milton Keynes are invited to give their views on both current and future transport, to help UK Autodrive to build a dynamic and world-leading infrastructure that will put the country at the forefront of sustainable transport solutions.


The UK Autodrive trial will culminate in a series of urban demonstrations on selected public roads and footpaths in the host cities of Milton Keynes and Coventry. As well as showcasing the latest technology, UK Autodrive will also investigate other important aspects of automated driving – including safety and cyber-security, legal and insurance issues, public acceptance for connected and autonomous vehicles and the potential business models for turning automated driving systems into a widespread reality.  The citizen survey will inform the national demonstration rollout, commencing in the autumn. Questions will include your opinions in a variety areas including the difficulties you face in your daily journeys, how you feel about driverless transport, and your chosen priorities, balancing issues such as cost verses convenience verses environmental impact.


The survey will only be open for a short time but your input will make a real difference both in this large national study on transportation as well as the decisions of local and industry leaders too so, follow this link to take part now by clicking this link: UK AUTODRIVE SURVEY.

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