Milton Keynes home to first UK trial of a driverless car

POD-animationStill-vD02If you were anywhere near Milton Keynes Central train station earlier this week, you can’t fail to have noticed the buzz as a driverless car weaved its way through the public, reaching speeds of 15mph.

But this was more than a spectacle. It was the first time an autonomous vehicle had been tested in the UK, putting Britain—indeed, Milton Keynes—at the forefront of driverless technology.

The two-seater LUTZ Pathfinder was built by our partners at Transport Systems Catapult, who worked with Milton Keynes Council to ensure the safety of the trial.

The car used a virtual map to navigate 2km through this pedestrianised area of the city, coping with walkers and cyclists for the first time.

Greg Clark MP, who was recently appointed Secretary of State for Business, believes the research that underpins the technology and software in driverless vehicles presents huge opportunities for automotive and technology firms, with applications reaching way beyond autonomous cars.

The milestone moment was covered by the BBC, Sky News, The Guardian and more.