Building Apps for Smart Cities

As part of the continuing Business engagement at MK:Smart, University Campus Milton Keynes (UCMK) has just finished playing host to a series of 1 Day Developers Training Workshops featuring the ThingWorx platform throughout 2016 and 2017.


At the end of the course delegates were given free access to the ThingWorx eLearning materials and their own hosted ThingWorx platform connected to the MK Data Hub.

ThingWorx accelerates Internet of Things (IoT) application development by compressing the design-develop-deploy cycle thu reducing time to market & spurring innovation. The ThingWorx platform has been devised by ThingWorx ( , a US headquartered company that reduces the time, cost and risk required to build innovative Machine to Machine (M2M) and IoT Applications. Be it Cloud, On Premises, Federated or Embedded – ThingWorx lets you deploy exactly the way you want to fit the needs of any scenario.

ThingWorx enables the rapid creation of end to end “smart applications” for a wide range of markets including smart cities. You will be able to try your ideas and build solutions quickly and very cost effectively.

It provides a complete application design, runtime, and intelligent environment with the following innovative features;

  • Modern & Complete Platform
  • Deploy 10X Faster with Model-based development
  • Mashup People, Systems & Machines
  • Deploy How you Like
  • Evolve and Grow Your Application Over Time

The aim of the course was to get the delegate started with building their own application on ThingWorx. The great aspect of ThingWorx is that you don’t need to be an expert in coding but it is desirable the individual should have an understanding of the associated concepts before attending the workshop to benefit. To maximize the learning, the workshops include small groups of six to eight people and an intensive agenda.

Ebenezer Okai,  who has been fronting these courses expressed his satisfaction, “ Overall the feedback has been positive and in particular we have widened the participation to include students and social entrepreneurs in addition to technology start-ups.” He further added, “The great thing about MK:Smart is that we have worked closely with over 60 businesses showing them how to build applications”.