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Presence at the Stantonbury Campus Science Symposium

Stantonbury Campus held its first Science Symposium on March 27th and Patrick was present to the work carried out on Garden Monitor as part of the MK:Smart project

It was the opportunity to introduce Year 5-6 children to the world of computer science and artificial intelligence, and to illustrate how artificial intelligence works with the example of the Garden Monitor application The objectives were to give an intuition as to how an AI machine becomes intelligent and to teach children about sustainable watering behaviours

After four rounds with a dozen of children each time, it was clear that the children


From July to October 2016, we have conducted an evaluation of Garden Monitor with eight users in Milton Keynes. This evaluation was designed to assess the performance of the machine learning of Garden Monitor, as well as its value to users and its usability. At the end of the evaluation, we asked our users [...]

We are currently starting an evaluation of Garden Monitor in Milton Keynes in order to assess the performance of its learning engine, value to users, and usability. To this end we are looking for early testers keen to try this new technology in their garden. If you are interested in the evaluation, please contact [...]