What the media say about MK:Smart and related activities

Citizen innovation External Link

Professor Enrico Motta, director of the MK:Smart project, discusses how the initiative engages and involves citizens in projects to improve...read more


Smart cities MOOC open for registration External Link

The Smart Cities: Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), developed as part of MK:Smart, the UK smart city initiative for the the city of Milton Keynes, is open for enrolment again...read more


New smartphone app helps customers call their waiter External Link

We hear of so many smart city apps but few are genuinely pioneering. On the contrary, we see real potential in getWaiter...read more


Milton Keynes: half a century of green innovation External Link

In recent years, the MK:Smart programme…has played a key role in helping develop smart and sustainable solutions to support economic growth in the town…read more


Driving digital transformation in smart cities External Link

MK: Smart is Milton Keynes’ nearly $20 million investment in a multifaceted smart city initiative designed to meet …read more


Milton Keynes – Celebrates Fifty Years External Link

Milton Keynes, Britain’s most famous and successful product of the New Town movement, celebrates its 50th anniversary today.  A city that …read more


5 councils using tech to cut costs External Link

As part of its smart cities programme MK:Smart, Milton Keynes Council is aiming to make life easier for motorists and…read more


Did you know that Milton Keynes is well on its way to becoming a fully functional smart city?…read more


MK: Smart, a smart city initiative for one of UK’s fastest growing cities External Link

A multistep smart city initiative. Milton Keynes, England, was founded as a “new town” in…read more


‘Smart cities improve lives and sustainability’ External Link

Smart innovation in cities and the ‘internet of things’ can significantly improve the quality of life in the UK….read more


Cities share data hub knowledge – Smart Cities World External Link

Speaking to SmartCitiesWorld, Mathieu d’Aquin, senior research fellow at the Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, who led the MK Data Hub project, says local SMEs which wouldn’t normally map data are already finding the hub useful…read more


BT to build on MK data hub for Manchester External Link

CityVerve initiative will involve new iteration of data platform used for Milton Keynes smart city programme…read more


Views will influence government growth review External Link

Smart Cities, driverless vehicles and lean management…see page 5


6 ambitious projects hoped to shape Milton Keynes future by 2050 External Link

Smart, Shared, Sustainable Mobility …read more


MotionMap: Free Milton Keynes app to track people and vehicles to be launched External Link

MotionMap, which shows the movements of people and vehicles across the city in real time, will be available for the public to download next year …read more


MK:Smart launches the MK Data Hub External Link

MK:Smart launches the MK Data Hub – Smart Cities World: The hub isn’t restricted to public data but allows private data to be accessed through a direct connection with the provider…read more


The dos and don’ts of IoT – a customer panel shares Internet of Things Progress External Link

At LiveWorx 2016, a PTC customer panel shed light on why they are pursuing IoT. Here’s four field lessons culled from their stories – along with the issues Internet of Things projects must face.  …read more


Milton Keynes named as a top UK smart city above Leeds, Peterborough, Nottingham and Sheffield  External Link

Milton Keynes is one of Britain’s top “smart cities”, according to new research commissioned by Huawei UK and conducted by Navigant Consulting …read more


Helping Manchester become a future city   External Link

A good example is the award-winning, MK Data Hub…read more


Top 5 crowdsourcing initiatives in government: better engagement with citizens  External Link

…With the growing demand for greater transparency and democratic participation, and an increasingly tech savvy population, it’s likely that crowdsourcing will become more prevalent in public decision-making. For that reason, I’ve decided to highlight some of the most interesting examples of government crowdsourcing platforms…..Our MK is an online citizen engagement platform, which is part of MK: Smart…read more


Do We Really Need Smart Cities?  External Link

For Milton Keynes, the aim of its MK:Smart programme is to ensure that economic growth does not outstrip the city’s infrastructure and services.”….read more


Government continues smart cities push  External Link

Other initiatives Vaizey highlighted were the Government Office for Science’s Future of Cities Project, which looks at scenarios for UK cities up to the year 2065 and the Open University’s free six-week online course on Smart City concepts to help people in the UK and abroad understand the opportunities….read more


Milton Keynes: Smart City Ecosystem Architecture  External Link

The primary technology framework for a Smart City can best be described through an ‘Ecosystem Architecture’…read more


Top three trends in smart city power: How good electrical systems are the key to smart city success External Link

The race is on to develop smart cities of the future that are cleaner, greener, easier to navigate and better to live in…read more


PTC ThingWorx Joins MK:Smart to Enable Rapid Development for Internet of Things Applications  External Link

PTC (Nasdaq: PTC) today announced ThingWorx, a PTC technology, is joining the MK:Smart projec…read more


Taking a closer look at the Milton Keynes smart city project   External Link

The “MK: Smart” project took home the Best of Show prize at the recent VMworld Europe show in Barcelona – and this is why…read more


Safeguarding a city’s data External Link

The Open University’s MK:Smart project required a scalable and versatile backup solution to help manage access to data sourced from a multitude of data stores across the city…read more


Milton Keynes shines in Innovate UK’s prestigious Future Cities challenge External Link

MK:Smart – An initiative co-created and led by the The Open University that will tap into the enormous power and potential of data within the city, it order to improve living standards in general…read more


MK takes charge it of its energy needs External Link

Milton Keynes will be the first city in the UK to host a project that uses data, including satellite imagery, to help communities take charge of their own energy needs. …read more


UK’s Smart Cities recognised as World Class External Link

At the Congress, Peterborough and Milton Keynes were specifically praised for their pioneering work in the field of Smart Cities...read more


The potential for IoT to deliver transformational change in the UK   External Link

Our award winning work with Milton Keynes is helping the City to deal with the pressures of growth, from parking and pollution to the practicalities of refuse collection...read more


Future Cities Catapult at COP21 External Link

The Future Cities Catapult, together with Milton Keynes and MK:Smart, conducted an interdisciplinary exploratory research project to better understand current mobility behaviours in Milton Keynes...read more


Enrico Motta’s interview with RE.WORK: Leveraging Data Mining & Visualization in Future Cities  External Link

The number of people living in urban areas is expected to double by 2050, and the challenge of supporting sustainable growth without exceeding the capacity of infrastructure, as well as meeting key carbon reduction targets, is a major one..read more


Finding smarter energy solutions for Milton Keynes  External Link

Using various locationbased datasets from OS, the council-led consortium is creating an Open Energy Map which will help identify properties suitable for various sustainable energy options..read more


Big Data takes centre stage External Link

TODAY sees the start of the largest global big data festival, Big Data Week..read more


MK Food Revolution launches ‘passport’ to improve awareness of where food comes from External Link

“We are delighted to work with MK:Smart to make a real difference to the food landscape of Milton Keynes. … read more


Big Data Week arrives in Milton Keynes with support from MK:Smart and Zizo External Link

The largest global big data festival, Big Data Week, has started this week and has been welcomed to Milton Keynes … read more


MK:Smart project gets ArcServe for virtual and physical backup External Link

Milton Keynes smart city project chooses ArcServe UDP data protection product over Veeam for its ability to backup virtual and physical servers … read more


UCMK launches the MK:Smart Data Hub External Link

Milton Keynes took a giant step forward to becoming a Smart City when University Campus Milton Keynes (UCMK), part of the University of Bedfordshire, officially opened its doors to demonstrate the MK:Smart Data Hub (Monday 19 October) ...read more


Next major stage of MK:Smart is coming to UCMK  External Link

The next major stage in the MK:Smart plan to make Milton Keynes a cleaner, greener city is coming to UCMK …read more


Engelse proeftuin voor innovatie (English testing ground for innovation) External Link

Het Financieele Dagblad (Dutch Financial Times)

Citizen Ideas Competition launched with £5k grants for innovative ideas to improve Milton Keynes External Link

On September 23, a new website is launching called Our MK which is encouraging people to come up with ideas to make Milton Keynes a smarter, greener city … read more

Milton Keynes Council secures Phase II of SmartPark trial External Link

In February 2015, we were proud to announce the launch of Smart Parking’s SmartPark solution in Milton Keynes with the installation of 300 SmartEye sensors in the city’s B4-1 Car Park on South Second Street …read more

Milton Keynes could partner with Chinese city after delegation External Link

A delegation from China was in Milton Keynes to look at some of the smart city’s technology, ahead of a potential twinning agreement with a city in the Far East …read more


Milton Keynes wins ‘smart city’ points External Link

Frost & Sullivan report applauds city’s creation of single repository for public sector data
Milton Keynes has taken an important step towards the technical interoperability that can provide a foundation for smart cities, according to a new report on the subject …. read more


BT recognised for pivotal role in Milton Keynes “smart city” programme External Link

BT recognised for pivotal role in Milton Keynes “smart city” programme – BT Large business & public sector BT’s role in the MK:Smart programme – a £16 million collaborative venture to turn Milton Keynes into a “smart city” – was recognised at the prestigious TM Forum Live in Nice this month … read more


Internet of things and smart cities need UK-wide consensus External Link

Smart city technology’s time has come, but for local authorities to buy in there needs to be a wider consensus to establish how the internet of things (IoT) can be best employed to transform urban life in the next 30 years … read more


Glasgow, Milton Keynes, Bristol – the smart cities to watch out for External Link

Internet of Things businesses are forming in clusters in cities across the UK. Sean Hargrave finds out what the new smart cities are doing to attract them … read more

Why the UK public sector is slow to adopt the internet of things External Link

There are drones on the battlefield and NHS patients being monitored remotely, but experts maintain the private sector is winning the IoT race …read more


Connected cars mean smarter cities External Link

BT’s smart motoring manoeuvres drive major environmental benefits and will accelerate innovation in transport into the future …read more


How the internet of things is making a business of slashing energy costs External Link

A worldwide network of objects already helps businesses to control energy use, but now there’s money to be made by bringing them together …read more


Connected Milton Keynes’ Bespoke IoT Deployment Is An Example To All Councils External Link

Milton Keynes is about to become famous for something other than its roundabouts. The city is leading the way for public sector internet of things (IoT) use, V3 reports …read more


Milton Keynes touted as model city for public sector IoT use External Link

Milton Keynes Council has highlighted the success of its bespoke approach to the Internet of Things (IoT) and has called on the public sector to follow its example …read more


What is the MK Data Hub? And how will it help businesses in Milton Keynes? External Link

Local businesses in Milton Keynes will soon have access to a leading edge data that is hosted at University Campus Milton Keynes (UCMK), part of the University of Bedfordshire … read more


OU to host smart cities conference External Link

As cities compete to create the world’s smartest cities, The Open University prepares to host the MK Future Cities Conference on 5 March 2015 …read more


Appliances of Science External Link

How MK:Smart is helping improve business efficiency and reduce carbon emissions …read more


New smart city programme looks to unlock the benefits derived from the IoT External Link

New smart city programme looks to unlock the benefits derived from the IoT …read more


Launch of Smart Cities initiative External Link

HyperCatCity will get businesses and cities working together to find new, effective ways to deliver services using data and technology …read more


Hypercat IoT standard set to make UK cities smart External Link

London, Bristol and Milton Keynes are set to become more intelligent with HyperCatCity smart city initiative …read more


HyperCatCity Looks To Launch The UK’s First ‘Smart Cities’ External Link

New Internet of Things standard allows public and private sector to work together to help build smart cities …read more


INTERNET OF THINGS: Talk will outline how MK SMART project is changing our lives External Link

INTERNET OF THINGS: Headline talk will outline how MK SMART project is changing our lives | MK News
data revolution sparked by the Internet of Things is set to change the way we live, work and play in Milton Keynes – and you can find out the cutting edge developments at a showcase talk …read more

Learn about the future of the internet in Milton Keynes External Link

A showcase seminar will consider the next data revolution when Biztech and the University Campus Milton Keynes (UCMK) discuss ‘the Internet of Things’ …read more

The internet of things is coming, but it’s not what you expect External Link

The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 arrives at a time when global gadget sales are falling. The UK is ready to lead the way with the smart sensor tech that will take the place of smart phones and TVs …read more


How will driverless public transport change our cities? External Link

[World Economic Forum] Just a couple of years ago, driverless cars were viewed as little more than a geekish techno-fantasy. But the entry of tech behemoth Google has produced an autonomous car that is now very close to entering the market …read more


Others should follow Bristol’s ‘smart city’ lead, says Minister External Link

Greg Clark, Minister for Universities, Science and Cities has said that more towns and cities in the UK should follow Bristol’s endeavours to create a ‘smart city’ to better connect and automate services … read more


Internet of Things “to have greater impact than first digital revolution”; Royal Opera House tech chief to lead Parliament Digital Service… External Link

A review on how the UK government and businesses can make best use of the “Internet of things” (IoT), including how IoT applications could help maintain national infrastructure and provide more efficient public services, has been published by the government’s chief scientific adviser Professor Sir Mark Walport …read more


Boost for Milton Keynes “open innovation environment” External Link

The Autumn Statement announcement of Milton Keynes as one of four UK places – with Bristol, Greenwich and Coventry – set to share £10 million to test driverless cars was the latest boost to the city’s bid to create an “open innovation environment” …read more

Driverless public transport will change our approach to city planning – and living External Link

Just a couple of years ago, driverless cars were viewed as little more than a geekish techno-fantasy. But the entry of tech behemoth Google has produced an autonomous car that is now very close to entering the market …read more

Internet of everything, coming to a neighbourhood near you External Link

2015 will bring new network technologies that connect constellations of low-powered sensors across entire districts, creating widespread smart civic infrastructure, says Jessica Bland …read more

UKTI Showcase British Excellence at the Smart City Expo, Barcelona 2014 External Link

UK Trade & Investment took representatives from 10 UK cities and 30 companies, along with the British Standards Institute and the Future Cities Catapult, to create a compelling prospectus for the UK’s Smart City offering during the Expo …read more

Collaborative Smart City Market Development  External Link

Hypercatcity in partnership with Bristol is Open and Milton Keynes … read more

Driverless cars set to be tested in four English cities External Link

The four English locations picked to test driverless cars have been named …read more

Government adds £9m to trials of driverless vehicles in Milton Keynes External Link

The government has earmarked another £9 million for trials in four UK cities, including Milton Keynes, of driverless vehicles …read more

Businesses shown benefits of collaboration with University of Bedfordshire External Link

The University of Bedfordshire’s potential for innovative collaboration with businesses was showcased at the Innovation for Business Conference & Marketplace  …read more

Smart Cities – Smart Lighting External Link

Let’s first get one thing right – there is no smarter “light” than the SUN. No sun – No growing of vegetation, nor animals nor humans. So when we discuss smart lighting we should be mindful of this (almost) eternal source of living …read more

Smart Parking in Milton Keynes: Innovative parking space optimisation pilot project <