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Project Overview

Economic Impact

Constitutional Structure

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Helping the economic growth of Milton Keynes

Core Inserts

WP1 – Data
WP2 – Citizens
WP3 – Transport
WP4 – Energy
WP5 – Water
WP6 – Enterprise
WP7 – Education

Additional Inserts

Our MK – Citizens
Urban Data School – Education
Urban StartUp Lab – Education
Garden Monitor – Water
MOOC – Education

A Tale of Evaluation and Reporting in UK Smart Cities

A report from the SmartDframe project, funded through The Open University (OU) Smart Cities Open Challenge in support of the MK:Smart programme

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MK Data Hub Beta Launch

On 19th October we celebrated the first phase of the MK Data Hub with an evening event, including talks and an exhibition.

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MK:Smart Videos

MK:Smart Water Monitor

Water Monitor was developed as part of the MK:Smart project to enable Milton Keynes citizens to understand their household water use.

How the OU is helping to shape future cities: Martha Lane Fox

Designing smarter future cities: Prof Enrico Motta

Energy systems for smarter cities: Prof Gerd Kortuem

Our MK: Citizen Lab

What is Our MK about?

Why you should apply to Our MK

The Big Energy Debate (Part 1) – Speakers

The Big Energy Debate (Part 2) – Debate

MK:Smart and related videos

Smart Cities Expo Showreel, Barcelona 2015

UKTI Showcase British Excellence at the Smart City Expo, Barcelona 2014

Ground Resistance