Driverless Cars
The vision for future intelligent mobility in Milton Keynes, as outlined in the Milton Keynes Futures 2050 Commission Report, is one of “Smart, Shared, Sustainable Mobility”, where a number of eco-friendly options will provide an integrated multi-modal solution to allow people to travel easily across the city.A number of elements of this vision are already in place, for example Santander bikes and electric buses, with other innovative additions, such as autonomous pods, coming soon. Key to this vision is the development of a citywide travel integration system, providing smart guidance to travellers, on the basis of real-time information about transport options and conditions.

The work carried out in MK:Smart on the MotionMap app is developing this idea, providing travellers with information on how busy an intended destination is and the transport options available. Based on this information, the traveller can evaluate the options available for walking, taking the bus, taking a bike, or taking the car. The mode of transport may be selected on the basis of the time required to make the journey, the carbon footprint of the journey, or a combination of both.

MotionMap offers bus routes complete with walking times to and from bus stops and car journeys complete with advisory information on the availability of parking spaces and with the walking time from the chosen car park. This rich level of content is designed to influence traveller’s behaviour, for example discretionary journeys at peak times might be postponed in light of the congestion on the roads or crowding at the destination.

Motion Map

MotionMap App




The video below is an introduction to our approach in developing MotionMap.

Developing MotionMap

Developing MotionMap

A demonstration system of MotionMap will be used to explore how this type of user-focused information might influence travel behaviour and transform the provision of all types of transport services in Milton Keynes. It will not only be an information system in its own right, allowing people to provide personalised travel information, but will act as a platform on which community groups and businesses can build new, cloud enabled, transport services.

Sensors for People

Sensors For People

The detailed specifications for MotionMap were completed and a specialist consultant was appointed to develop and demonstrate the app. Extensive sensor network development, testing and demonstration has now been completed. These include using small cameras and visual analytics to provide data on car park occupancy, congestion and how crowded the local buses are.




Leader: Prof. John Miles
University of Cambridge