Digital Wellness Community – Unity Place: Digital Clean Up Day 2024

Lets declutter our digital lives & reduce our digital Carbon footprint together!

Looking to improve your screen-time habits, get more focused and be more productive?

Want to do your bit for Digital Clean up Day 2024?

If Yes – This in person workshop is for you!

Hosted by X+Why and Teamory, at this workshop you will learn different ways to improve your screen-time habits while reducing your digital carbon footprint.

Attending this workshop gives you:

  • Techniques on deep focus and productivity
  • A chance to practice deep-focus techniques
  • De-cluttering digital storage and reducing your carbon footprint!

You also get to meet new people and enjoy a meal together (for free).

About X+Why

We are x+why and we’re on a mission to change the way the world works for good. Through our innovative, award-winning flexible workspaces we are uniting like-minded businesses, inspiring community, collaboration and culture, to amplify their great work to the wider business world

About Teamory

On a mission to regenerate work: Teamory is new kind of business services partner helping organisations with people, planet and profit related challenges.