Milton Keynes

This is the city of Milton Keynes. A place unlike anywhere else on earth.

A place that others look to for inspiration. A testbed for new ideas and a UK leader in technology and innovation.

Our city was designed to provide an ideal way to live and work, in a city that’s wide open and wondrous.

Milton Keynes. Better by design - Logo

Today, the world’s largest fleet of autonomous robots deliver our residents’ shopping, we are leading the way on driverless transport technologies, and we are running one of the first urban drone trials. The city operates its own 5G network which is exclusively used for research and development and Smart City trials. We’re the city people come to when they want to turn ideas into reality.

We are the only UK city designed from its very inception with business growth in mind, and are already home to global brands and future innovators.  We are one of the UK’s fastest growing cities with ambitious plans for our future growth.

But Milton Keynes was also made to look forward. Our people and businesses are pioneers, with an ethos of continually adapting, improving, and looking to the future.

This is Milton Keynes. Better by design.

For more information on doing business in Milton Keynes, please contact Invest Milton Keynes.


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MK Council

Milton Keynes Council, the local governing body, serves the diverse community of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England. Its mission is to improve residents' quality of life through various services including education, housing, transport, environment, leisure, and social care. From infrastructure upkeep to aiding vulnerable individuals, the council is pivotal in city development, ensuring residents access necessary resources for prosperity.

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The Open University

A leading figure in distance and online education, The Open University is devoted to offering flexible learning chances globally. It provides a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, allowing students to learn at their convenience, irrespective of location or situation. Embracing innovation and inclusivity, the university utilizes advanced technology and teaching methods to ensure top-notch education and support.

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Biztech, a non-profit organisation, is dedicated to aiding the prosperity of businesses throughout Milton Keynes by leveraging technology. For more than two decades, Biztech has been the primary advisory resource for businesses in the city regarding technology. We actively assist businesses in forming collaborative partnerships with tech professionals and startups, enabling them to enhance the visibility of their offerings and facilities, ultimately contributing to the growth of their revenues.



MKAI offers public and private AI ethics facilitation services designed to cultivate an informed and inclusive dialogue on AI. Through our public forums and in-house summits within organisations and institutions, our approach is centred on creating a space where diverse perspectives can converge to explore the ethical dimensions of AI technologies.

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Protospace, a non-profit initiative in Milton Keynes, drives technology and innovation by fostering collaboration across sectors. Working with the city council and stakeholders, it organizes diverse events and resources, aiming to support and advocate for the local community. This collective endeavor is guided by a unified vision to propel technology and innovation forward in Milton Keynes.

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Smart City Consultancy

Smart City Consultancy Limited was formed almost 10 years ago, specifically to address the opportunities we could foresee in the Smart Cities domain and we have been working at the forefront of this and related fields ever since, undertaking first-of-their kind projects and establishing ourselves as an industry leader in this space.