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⭐ You will have a chance to learn more about the difference between being a Sole Trader vs a Limited Company. Starting at 11:30, our MK:U Innovation Hub Member and expert, Claire Rulton will explain the basic distinctions between operating as a sole trader and a limited company.

This talk will cover legal and financial liabilities, tax implications, and the administrative differences between the two.

When to Consider Incorporation: discussing the factors that might influence a sole trader to become a limited company. This will include reaching a certain level of earnings, the need for limited liability protection, planning for business growth, attracting investors, or enhancing the business’s professional image.

Tax Implications and Advantages: a delve into how tax treatments differ for sole traders and limited companies. Highlighting the potential tax efficiencies of a limited company, such as Corporation Tax rates versus Income Tax rates for higher earners, and the possibility of tax planning through dividends and salaries.

Other taxes: VAT and PAYE in brief

✍️ Bring questions and doubts about this topic with you to get free advice to help you make an informative decision! Free 1-2-1s available after the workshop.

Have a look at the agenda to familiarise yourself with the expert.

Limited spaces are available, so be sure to book your spot now!