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Rapidly rethinking how we work so we can have more meaningful careers and make an impact quicker

  • Are you involved at the C-Suite level or on a board?
  • Are you involved in shaping how organisations meet their human capital needs?
  • Do you lead or are part of a team of knowledge workers?
  • Are you involved in knowledge worker recruitment / talent acquisition?
  • Are you an avid investor in people? Is organisational culture important to how you attract and retain talent

If yes to any of the above, then you need to be at this webinar.

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Our Mission Statement: Regenerating work to change the world..

‘Imagine a world in which our work is designed to deliver maximum impact against ever more complex crises. A world in which our work is distraction free and our fullest human potential is achieved during the pursuit of audacious visions of the future. Where the goals of teams and the individual not only align, but are in harmony, where there’s deep meaning, impactful collaboration and healthy engagement.

What if your work wasn’t just your own? Imagine your work being a part of something much bigger, shared with others and openly, collectively and collaboratively, improved to unbelievable levels. Imagine an openly universal playing field for work – where anyone, anywhere could learn, contribute and achieve their potential.

Imagine knowing who was going to quit before they resigned and more importantly what it’d take to retain them.

Imagine leaving a lasting legacy through our work. One that our descendants can look upon, delve into and know in great clarity and detail.

We can all reach this world if we start today. By regeneratively thinking about work – being more aligned to nature in our understanding of work, people, profit and planet, how we work can evolve at pace.

Making this vision a reality for all is our mission’

CEO and Founder – Jahan Haroon